Did you know – Arkansas is letting sex offenders out of prison early because of overcrowding? 

Arkansas has a big drug problem, and it’s causing serious overcrowding of our prisons.  We have a growing list of innocent victims, and it’s time to put a stop to both Meth and overcrowded prisons.

As an experienced Prosecutor, I know firsthand that we can improve our  criminal justice system. Today, we release too many criminals early from prison to make room for even more criminals.  It’s a Revolving Prison Door, and it is unacceptable.  

I will work to end parole on all registered sex offenders and require special imprinting on a sex offender’s driver’s license to make it easy for police and schools to identify sex offenders who are seeking out children.

Arkansas must adopt a zero-tolerance approach to sex predators to keep Arkansas children safe. 

I want Arkansas the worst place to be convicted of a sexual crime.

As your Attorney General, I promise to make wise use of taxpayer money across the board. As one example, Drug Treatment Courts can affordably rehabilitate nonviolent drug offenders – allowing us to keep the violent prisoners and child predators in jail, serving their full sentences. 

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