About Nate


About Nate

As a prosecutor, a legislator and as our next Attorney General, Nate Steel has made it his work to fight for us—our families, our state and our communities.Nate Steel grew up in a small town in South Arkansas where he learned the values of hard work, self-reliance and right and wrong.  Never one to sit on the sidelines, when Nate saw a problem, he wanted to be part of the solution.

After law school, Nate could have taken a job as just another “tall-building lawyer” with a big paycheck.  But instead, at 25 years old, he returned to Howard County to join the family business and practice with his father, George Steel, Jr. and to become a prosecutor. As a prosecutor, Nate fought to protect victims and law-abiding citizens from those who would do them harm.  He never backed away from the toughest cases to put criminals behind bars and has served as a prosecutor for more than 5 years, handling hundreds of cases.

As a small business owner, Nate worked hard to provide jobs and uphold the standards of the five generations that came before him.  Nate chose to serve the community that had invested in him.  He chose to represent Arkansas farmers and ranchers. Continuing the service he set out to do, Nate ran for and was elected to the State Legislature with the backing of law enforcement in his district.  In the Arkansas House of Representatives, Nate Steel dedicated himself to fighting for the rule of law and to crack down on criminals while giving law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they needed to make Arkansas a safer place to live and raise a family.  Nate cracked down on forgery and theft, and made it so that convicted criminals could not profit from their crimes by selling their stories from jail.  Nate worked across party lines to enact legislation to guard the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens in Arkansas.  Because Nate believes that the rule of law must come before politics, he served on the Judiciary Committee of the State House.

As vice chairman of the Agriculture, Forestry and Economic Development Committee, Nate worked to support Arkansas farmers, grow our economy and create jobs across the state.  As a member of the Joint Budget Committee, Nate fought to keep Arkansas’s budget balanced and to keep our state’s fiscal house in order.

Nate Steel is in his third term representing District 19 in the Arkansas House of Representatives.  He is a graduate of Nashville High School and earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Arkansas.  He serves on the Howard Memorial Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, the Cossatot Community College UofA Foundation Board of Directors and CASA for Children Board of Advisors. Nate is a member of the First United Methodist Church of Nashville, Arkansas.

In his own words.

In my hometown of Nashville, Arkansas, there are only 4,627  people.  Everybody knows your name, and we are accountable to one another.  My mom Becky taught me that helping others is the secret to a happy life. She works every day teaching children with learning disabilities in my hometown of Nashville, Arkansas. She is strong, smart, and conservative. She’s a strong defender of children’s education and served for years as school board president. Giving children a better future is vitally important to her.

After completing college and law school in Fayetteville, I returned home to practice law with my dad, George. He is a wonderful and gentle man who taught me that a lawyer’s reputation for honesty is his stock in trade. I began my work as a Prosecutor, defending innocent victims of crime and putting criminals behind bars.  

Why I’m running to be your Next Attorney General.

My passion has always been criminal justice. As a Prosecutor, I have a proven record of convicting violent criminals who raped and murdered innocent women or hurt children. My experience as a Prosecutor helped shaped my view that the role of the Attorney General is to protect Arkansas’ citizens and our constitution.

We need an Attorney General who will serve all of Arkansas, and one who will protect Arkansans from the many problems we face here at home.  We don’t need to spend taxpayer money in advancing national political agendas.

  • I will put the safety of our mothers and children first, and certainly far ahead of a national, politicized Washington D.C. agenda.

  • I will find smart ways to use computer technology to hold Cyber-Criminals and Internet Predators accountable.

  • I will support alternative criminal justice programs like Drug Court.  Our prisons are overcrowded, and I don’t want violent criminals or sexual predators out of jail before they’ve served their full sentences — just to make room for nonviolent offenders who wish to be rehabilitated. This will save taxpayer dollars because the cost of treatment in Drug Court is less than what taxpayers spend on prisoners each day.